Stained Concrete Manchester?

Are you frustrated with your old and plain looking concrete floor in your living areas or driveway? You can transform your concrete floor into something more interesting and beautiful with stained concrete Manchester.

Staining concrete floors adds beauty to your home or business by using a combination of chemicals and colors. Staining does a lot of magic to concrete floors making it one of the best alternatives to hardwood floors or carpet.

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Choosing your Type of Stained Concrete

In staining concrete floors you can choose between acid-based stains and water-based stains.

Acid-based Stain

Traditional acid-based stains, when applied, chemically react with the concrete floor to create diverse and translucent colors with fascinating marbling effects. When applied metallic salts of acid-based stains chemically react with the lime content of concrete to create a permanent bond that will not peel away or chip off.

Although acid-based stains do not have as much color palette as water-based stains, this type of stain usually last longer. This type of stain is typically available in earth tones. It will usually give a more translucent and natural look that can replicate stone or wood. Acid-based stains are ideal for high-traffic areas in Manchester.

Water-based Stain

Water-based stains are available in almost all colors. These stains do not chemically react with concrete to let out their colors but leave color pigments within the pores of the concrete floor. Water-based stains are easier to apply and create color effects that are more uniform and opaque.

Water-based stains are ideal for concrete floors that have grease or oil stains that are difficult to remove.

Working on Stained Concrete

Manchester Epoxy Floors makes sure the concrete floor is well-prepared prior to the application of stains. This is to ensure that the stains give out the best coverage. Degreasers are use during the prep work to make sure the concrete surface is thoroughly clean and ridded of all grease or oil stains. The concrete floor is also freed of any dust and dirt.

We use acid stains to create permanent colors on the concrete floor. When the stains chemically react with the concrete floor, multiple hues of colors are created which can look similar to the more expensive natural stones. For best results we only work on concrete that is at least one month old.

Each stained concrete project will have a unique look because concrete floors will react differently to the applied stain. Each project can also be customized with the use of multiple colors and scoring designs.

Reddish Brown Stained Concrete MN

Special Effects with Stained Concrete

Color is not the only thing that can be achieved by stained concrete. Acid-based stains soak and chemically react with the concrete floor to bring out its organic and natural characteristics.

Acid-based stains can provide deep and rich colors that can look anything from polished marble to natural stone.

The installers at Manchester Epoxy Floors make use of creativity and various decorative techniques to provide you with endless artistic possibilities with your stained concrete project.

Some of the techniques we use include:

  • Applying multiple stain colors.
  • Applying stains together with decorative effects such as engraving, scoring, etching, stenciling and sandblasting.
  • Applying layers of stains with concrete dyes.
  • Applying stains using rags, sponges, torn paper or eyedroppers and sometimes even feathers to create a faux finishing.
  • Polishing stained concrete to give it a high-gloss finish to create the effects of marble and stone.

Our expert installers are amongst the best in Manchester.

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Stained concrete Manchester is durable, strong and affordable making it ideal for residential and commercial environments. Give us a call now to discuss your flooring project and for a free estimate.

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