Metallic Epoxy Floors Manchester

Metallic epoxy floors Manchester are created by combining 100% solid epoxy and some metallic pigments. This flooring system is not only amazingly beautiful but extremely functional, too.

Manchester Epoxy Floors create epoxy metallic floors that come in unique decorative deigns. We work on the concept that concrete flooring need not only be functional but can also come with an artistic touch.

Metallic epoxy flooring showcases beauty in a seamless flooring system in a wide variety of styles. It is an ideal flooring system for high traffic

metallic epoxy floors near

commercial and retail applications. Some homes in Manchester have also opted for this unique flooring system. This flooring system is an ideal flooring system for

  • Retail spaces
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Office buildings
  • Homes
  • More…

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Creating Metallic Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is a seamless flooring system that is a mixture of a resin and a hardener. This product is applied in liquid form over a properly prepared concrete surface. The resin and hardener chemically react and when cured results into a durable plastic-like material that adheres to the concrete floor.

Epoxy is a self-leveling product and when applied in multiple coats can achieve a wide range of decorative designs. Metallic epoxy floors are one of the most popular epoxy flooring systems in Manchetser.

The expert installers of Manchester Epoxy Floors have the experience and skills to create unique and artistically laid metallic epoxy floors.

It may look simple but it is indeed a complicated process that involves the application of multiple colors of epoxy and metallic pigments complemented with the expert and specialized techniques our installers have meticulously mastered.

  1. Concrete surface is prepared by getting rid of all dust, dirt, grime.
  2. Cracks and chips are repaired.
  3. Shot blasting or diamond grinding is done to open the pores of the concrete surface to create a porous, seamless and smooth surface ready to accept the epoxy application.
  4. Epoxy base coat is applied and allowed to cure in the concrete surface.
  5. Metallic powders or pigments are scattered all over the floor. Other unique patterns can be drizzled and blended with the metallic pigments.
  6. Rollers, brushes, squeegees, trowels or even blowers are used to agitate the metallic pigments and disperse the epoxy.
  7. The metallic pigments will clump, twist and twirl to cause the reflection of light at different angles.
  8. A striking finish and 3D effect will be created.
  9. When you are contented with the design, the epoxy is allowed to cure.
  10. High-performing topcoat is applied to protect the metallic epoxy coating.

Our installers use various techniques to create one-of-a-kind metallic epoxy floors. Metallic pigments agitate differently for every application thus the result of every floor is unique.

You can choose from among the different colors and styles we have available to make your floors have 3D effects to create the illusion of moon craters, colored glass, storm clouds, molten metal, marble, lightning, rippling waters, plasma rivers and more.

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Floors

Amazing beauty is not all there is to metallic epoxy floors.

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If you want a flooring system that creates a lot of drama while providing the benefits of durability, safety and easy to maintain, metallic epoxy floors Manchester is the right flooring option.

Choose Manchester Epoxy Floors for the trustworthy installations your home will love.

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