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If you are a typical Manchester homeowner, your garage is the center of many activities you do as a family. It is not an overstatement to say that garage floors are the most abused floors in the home. It is no wonder that Epoxy Garage Floors have taken Manchester by storm.

Many garage floors have turned into a damaged mess over time. With your vehicles, your kids’ bikes, your husband’s DIY tools and equipment, automobile oils and fluids, paint splatters, rust, chemical spills, hot tire marks, molds, dust and debris, it can be a mess. Luckily, we have a 3 coat epoxy system that is extremely durable and will hold up to the windy city’s tough climate. Epoxy is very durable and aesthetically pleasing when done right.  And we do it right 😉

When rain and snow come your car tires and even your shoes bring in mud, salt, ice and snow to your garage floors causing further damage.

You have been so amazed at how your neighbor has managed to have a glossy and shiny garage floor similar to what you see in hotel and resort lobbies despite the many daily goings on in her garage. You mastered all your guts to ask her, “how?”  Your friend says she has a garage floor epoxy installed by Manchester Epoxy Floors.

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What is an Epoxy Garage Floor?

Epoxy is a self leveling material that binds to concrete once it is grinded and porous. We use a coat of epoxy followed by a primer, flake system and finally a polyaspartic top coat that seals the system and makes it last for up to and over a decade. If you are looking for a great floor system to coat your garage, Manchester Epoxy Floors has your back!

Epoxy is a mixture of equal parts of epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. The hardener functions as the catalyst to bring out the strength of the flooring material. When the resin and hardener are mixed, a chemical reaction is created allowing the epoxy material to adhere to the concrete floor.

During the curing process, closely cross-linked polymer structures are produced creating floors that are strong and durable.

Manchester Epoxy Floors are experts in Epoxy Garage Floor installation.  We use industry grade 100% solid epoxy. When chemical reaction occurs with the mixing of the resin and the hardener a thick epoxy coating is created. When epoxy is installed it tightly bonds with the concrete flooring creating glossy, shiny floors and durable epoxy flooring.

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Why Choose Manchester’s Best Epoxy Garage Flooring Contractor?

Less time and effort is required to clean and maintain your garage floor after you use your epoxy system.  A broom or mop with mild soap can easily pick up messes on the floor without much effort. This is extremely convenient especially during the winter months when salts in the road get into your garage floors.

Your floor will look SICK! The niegbors will have to get one, so you’ll be like the joneses on this one.

The floors are durable. They are built to last. Call us about our waranty!

Manchester Epoxy Floors hires only highly-trained, skilled and professional epoxy installers. Our epoxy installers go undergo continues education to keep at par with the latest trends in epoxy flooring installation.

We also use top of the line grinding equipment to prepare your concrete floor for garage floor epoxy installation. This is to ensure that the epoxy coating bonds well with the concrete floor to come up with a flooring system that is beautiful, strong and durable.

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When you want to enjoy a superior option for new flooring, you can’t waste time with tile and carpet contractors. More people know that polished concrete and epoxy floors remain gorgeous for longer, and they stay relatively affordable.

Choose Manchester Epoxy Floors for the trustworthy installations your home will love.

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