Epoxy Flooring Company Manchester?

With so many DIY epoxy flooring kits available in home depots, it can be tempting to install epoxy flooring yourself. Your garage is one part of your home where a lot of activities are happening so you need a flooring system that is durable and tough. Only an epoxy flooring company Manchester can guarantee such a flooring system.

Many homeowners actually know that there is nothing like an epoxy flooring installed by a reliable epoxy flooring company. The younger set of homeowners in Manchester though is more inclined to go into an epoxy flooring DIY project.  Yet a big percentage of homeowners also say that they messed up their DIY flooring project.

Experts always remind homeowners that some home improvement projects are better left with the professionals and epoxy flooring installation is one of them.

Home depots and paint stores selling DIY epoxy kits want homeowners to believe that installing epoxy flooring is just like painting a floor. They say that if you can paint, you can do epoxy installation.

This may be true but there are a lot more things that go into an epoxy flooring installation to ensure a long-lasting and durable flooring system.

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Why it is better to choose an Epoxy Flooring Company

Proper concrete surface preparation and the epoxy material are what make professionally installed epoxy flooring a better choice.

Concrete Surface Preparation

Prior to epoxy flooring installation, the concrete surface should be properly prepared. Imperfections such as chips and cracks, even hairline cracks need to be repaired. Their presence may cause the epoxy material not to properly bond with the concrete surface.

Moisture should also be dealt with. The presence of moisture in the concrete surface will cause the epoxy flooring to peel or develop bubbles. This is because moisture will tend to push the epoxy material during the curing process.

The concrete surface should also be properly cleaned through acid washing. Dust, dirt and existing sealers should be removed. Diamond grinding should also be done to create a smooth surface ready to accept the epoxy material.

Epoxy Material

Most DIY epoxy kits use water-based epoxy materials which are not as durable as the 100% solid epoxy used by an epoxy flooring company. Water-based epoxy will tend to easily chip. It also evaporates quickly when applied on concrete.

Epoxy Flooring Company Manchester

Why choose us?

While a DIY epoxy flooring installation can give you bragging rights, choosing to work with us will be less complicated and you can enjoy your new epoxy flooring system in no time.

We can Provide Better Epoxy Application

We are experts in epoxy flooring installation. We do a more polished work and ensure the successful installation of durable and strong epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring comes with a lot of benefits that can be gained only with proper installation. We ensure you fully gain all the benefits of an epoxy flooring system.

We can Save you Time

We are professionals and well-experienced so we can do the job in the fastest time possible.

We have the Equipment

Concrete surface preparation is important for a successful epoxy flooring installation. We have the right cleaning equipment and diamond grinding machine to thoroughly clean give it a smooth surface. We also have the right equipment for an even epoxy application.

We can Give your Floor a Professional Look

We have done a lot of epoxy flooring installations to say that we have the experience to create professional looking epoxy flooring that are beautiful and functional.

We Provide Safe Floors

We provide properly applied epoxy flooring that is safe. Our expert installers make sure the epoxy we apply are free from any imperfections that can cause any accidents.

We Provide Good Customer Service

Our epoxy flooring installers are experts and professionals. We take pride in the work we do. We are courteous and always on time. We start and finish the job on time.

We at Manchester Epoxy Floors are not only experts in this field, we are professionals, too. We take pride in our work. We start and finish the job on time as we say we will.

Hiring an epoxy flooring company in Manchester may cost a bit more than if you do it yourself. If you do not prepare the concrete surface properly before epoxy installation, you are up to a huge mess. You will be wasting a lot of time and money because for sure you will have an unsuccessful epoxy installation.

Whether you are planning to give your garage floor a new look, have a big commercial project such as a showroom renovation, or need to freshen up a warehouse, we would be delighted to discuss with you the right epoxy flooring system for your needs.

Avoid the risk of messing up your epoxy flooring project. Epoxy flooring installation is not ideal DIY projects. Call us now! We are an epoxy flooring company Manchester that creates epoxy floors that are an envy of many.

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