Decorative Concrete Manchester?

A lot of homeowners in Manchester  are looking for a flooring system that is durable, unique and elegant.  It is no wonder that decorative concrete Manchester  is such a big hit in the flooring industry.

Homeowners spend a lot of money in the interior design of their home to satisfy their desire for a beautiful and high value home. Business owners also invest a lot of money to make their commercial spaces enticing to customers.

Decorative concrete has become one of the best flooring options to satisfy the needs of homeowners and business owners for durable and beautiful looking floors. Decorative concrete is one of the easiest to apply and easy to maintain concrete flooring system.

Decorative concrete is growing in popularity in homes, retail stores, restaurants, schools, warehouses and more environments. People are drawn to this flooring system because of the many design options available to create a unique look.

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What is Decorative Concrete?

As you may already know, concrete is the most versatile building material. For the longest time, people have not been too concerned with the appearance and style of concrete flooring as long as it served its purpose.

Today, there is a proliferation of decorative concrete finishes to give the plain looking flooring material a facelift without having to replace the concrete floor.

Decorative concrete is using concrete not just as a construction material but as a structure to provide aesthetic enhancements. Manchester  Epoxy Floors  works with various fantastic methods to professionally decorate concrete floors to enhance its beauty while maintaining its basic function as a durable flooring system.

Decorative Concrete MN

Transforming Concrete to Decorative Concrete

Concrete can be transformed into decorative concrete through the use of various methods and materials. Manchester Epoxy Floors are experts in working on this transformation during the pouring process of cement or after the curing process.

You no longer have to be frustrated with having boring and dull looking concrete flooring. Here are our decorative concrete methods ideal for your home or business.

Acid Staining

This is the most popular method of decorative finish because it is easy to apply and affordable it is the only decorative concrete method that brings out the natural beauty of concrete. This flooring system creates a colorful, smooth and glossy finish for the concrete floor.

Through acid staining we can customize tones and colors of concrete to show off its natural beauty in a tasteful and stylish way.

Acid staining is ideal for retail stores, hotels, restaurants, home terraces, café patios and more.

Concrete Overlays

This is probably the easiest way to transform the look of concrete flooring as it only requires the installation of an overlay over a structurally sound concrete. You can choose from a wide range of colors, textures and designs to achieve a customized overlay.

Concrete overlays are the most affordable ways to showcasing the latest concrete flooring styles in Manchester . We also do stamped overlays. This flooring system requires minimal care and maintenance.

Stamped Concrete

This decorative flooring option is done by using stamping tools or stencils to create a consistent pattern on the concrete floor. This flooring system can create the look of natural stone, wood grain, brick, or marble at the fraction of the cost.

Stamped concrete is done using a single color to highlight the style and pattern of the stamping process.

This flooring system is ideal for indoor and outdoor environments.


This entails troweling down a texture finish on concrete. A thin layer of cement is trowelled over concrete to create patterns that mimic the look of rippled stone, natural slate, natural stone and other smooth finishes.

This coating can be tinted in a wide range of color tones making it ideal for restaurants, patios, building lobbies, and outdoor walkways.

Polished Concrete

This is another process that can be used to upgrade the look of existing concrete floors. This process creates a surface that looks like it has been highly waxed. The concrete surface is buffed down to create the level of shine you desire.

The addition of colors can customize this flooring system which provides a polished look without the hassles of maintaining highly polished flooring systems.

Polished concrete is ideal for residences, retail stores, hotel, apartment and office buildings and more.

Scored Concrete

This decorative flooring method adds texture, shape and dimension to the concrete floor. Circular saws are used to make shallow cuts on the concrete floor where colors, unique patterns and shapes are applied depending on your taste and preference.

Each decorative concrete Manchester method is a work of art. Well experienced Manchester Epoxy Floors installers have the special skills required to give your concrete floor that special, beautiful and unique look.

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